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The light comes and goes. What remain are expressions, gestures, postures, the play of light & shade and a profusion of colours - slivers of magic, caught in Viju Shah‘s lenses. Not surprising, because he is not just a photographer by profession, but also a photographer by passion. But magic without logic is ephemeral, just like the light. Logic is Viju’s unstinted professionalism.

Wedding, Fashion, advertising or product photography, Viju unfailingly strikes the right balance between the client’s requirements and his own artistic sensibility.



Studio :

  • Fully furnished and air-conditioned studio, located in the heart
    of the city on Race Course road. Our fully euiqpped studio can cater
    to the requirements of most challenging professional assignments

Post production :
  • A wide range of Apple systems and software for
    high end professional retouching and editiing

Team :
  • A dedicated team of highly qualified photographers and
    videographers having extensive experience in various
    generes of photogrpahy



"It's always plesure working with Vijay. We are in awe seeing his state-of-the-art highly equipped studio. He expertises in materialising all the creative concepts that our art directors think of. I feel fortunate to have found this lensman and a good friend. I wish him all the best for future."

Gaurav Dhakad

"Excellent performance. His work can be summarised as pride of Indore. 'Talent lives in metros only'; says who? In fact some of those may just be 'show off'. The real talent, work outcome and customer satisfaction is right here."

"After seeing your work, I can say that you are much better than many Mumbai based photographers. Yours is one of the fastest growing and highly equipped studio in India. Your dedication and zeal with hardwork will definitely take you to great heights. Keep up the same spirits. With best wishes for the future."

Hari Mahidar
Corporate Photograper

"Amazing job done! I am impressed with your professional approach and dedication to work. Your wedding photography work is awesome. Thanks for everything."

"I had a wonderful experience shooting with Vijay. He just makes his models feel at home. His equipments obey him without fail. All the very best to him. खूब सारी खुशियाँ आपको. With warm wishes "

Shruti Ulfat
Actress and Model
"You are the best wedding photographer in Indore. " The candid way in which the wedding was covered is impressive. Candid photography is the emerging trend in Indian wedding photography. Viju Shah is the best candid photographer we could have found for covering our wedding. Many thanks.
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